Ask Jack Canfield, 
Practical advice to transform your lifeWhat's keep you from achieving your goals and greater success?

Is it a lack of money, clients, time or connections?

Is it rejection ... from publishers, prospective clients, romantic prospects, potential employers or joint venture partners?

Is it an illness, loss of your home, car problems or some other physical issue?

Or is it a mental or emotional challenge ... such as fear of success, rejection or failure ... not feeling worthy ... or an overwhelming need to take care of others?

Regardless of what's stopping you, Fatemehsaadatpour, I think you'll agree - the list of obstacles you face in your quest for success can be long and varied.

But all obstacles can be overcome ... if you know what to do. That why I hope you'll join me tomorrow for this month's Ask Jack Canfield Tele-training, where I'll share my best advice and most practical ideas for overcoming any type of obstacle

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